Saturday, July 26, 2014

Getting settled in Atlanta

Recently, our family made the move from Chicago, Illinois to Atlanta, Georgia. It was a huge step for our family of 5. I was anticipating an easy move, especially for Infused Naturals, but we have run into a few minor set backs.

In Chicago I was able to conveniently work out of the basement, with a full workshop right in my home. In Atlanta, that will not be the case for the time being. So while I am on the search for a proper space to call my workshop, Soap making will be slow. But other exciting things are taking place during this time!

-Infused Naturals will be opening up shop in the late summer with my well beloved 100% All Natural Soaps, as well as a new 95% Natural Soap line, bringing back many of your favorite past time Fragrances!

-New packaging is under development. I am very excited about the new look!

-Until we find a proper workspace, inventory will be limited. If you need a large quantity, please send me a message through my etsy store at

As we await for the arrival of our 4th child in just a few days, I am excited to continue to update you on the upcoming changes, and our new start here in Atlanta. I hope you are enjoying your Summer!

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How important are All Natural and/or Organic ingredients to you?


How important are All Natural and/or Organic Ingredients to you?