Monday, July 28, 2014

From Disaster to Spectacular!

I have had it on my agenda for awhile now to make a soap with the wonderful fragrance of the Japanese Cherry Blossom. Here in Atlanta, I only have a small space in my kitchen for making soap at the moment, so a small batch of the ever so awaited fragrance was in order! I was very excited to get started! I got out my scales, and got to working on my recipe.

Shortly after coming up with what I thought would be the perfect recipe, I got to work; measuring out all of my ingredients. (And look, my pregnant belly made an appearance in the picture!)

By this point in the soap making process, I was so ecstatic to see what would come of this awesome soap I had planned. Days before I had even made these awesome Soap Curls to top off the stunning creation. 

So I got everything processed as planned, and then it came time to add the fragrance. I weighed it out carefully, and added it to my batch of freshly made soap...then it happened. All at one. Soap is NOT supposed to do this! One of my worst fears came true. A Seize! Yes, my soap batch seized so fast, that I couldn't even incorporate the color anymore. 

This left me with only 1 choice. Cook the soap to save it. My least favorite kind of soap processing. But thanks to many tips from some awesome soap makers who have done this many more times than I, and were braver than I, instead of avoiding the Hot Process like the plague, I was able to succeed! In the crock pot it went. Each in its own, so that I could keep the color separation. So I cooked and cooked....and tasted...yes tasted, the soap for doneness. Finally after a few hours, I figured it was enough cooking, and into the mold it went!

And it actually turned out pretty great! 

This awesome Japenese Cherry Blossom Handcrafted Soap will be available for purchase in a few weeks! Thanks for stopping by and joining me in my soaping madness!

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How important are All Natural and/or Organic ingredients to you?


How important are All Natural and/or Organic Ingredients to you?