Monday, November 2, 2015

Tutorial Tuesday

Tuesday's are such a great day to get new ideas and experiment. 

I have a great tutorial that shows how I make my own Coconut Milk & water for our awesome Coconut Soap, available HERE 

How to extract coconut water & coconut milk at home:

1. Go buy some coconuts. I bought 2 coconuts at a local grocery store.
2. Use a household drill to drill 2 holes into the ends of the coconut. This will allow for easy flow of the water inside. After drilling place on a container to let the water drain.

3. Once all of the water has been drained, set the water aside, and get a hammer. This is the fun part!

4. Carefully break the coconut open with the hammer. My first one cracked so nicely I was able to peel the shell right off. 

5. If your shell breaks with the flesh still attached, use a strong knife or other strong object to pry the fruit from the shell.

6. I used a potato peeler to clean up the edges of the coconut so no bits of the outer shell remained. I then put all the peices into my food processor. Next time, I will use a blender. 

7. I processed until all the pulp was evening chopped. I had to do this twice.

8. I then added the chopped pulp back to the processor and added  hot (not boiling) water and processed again for a few minutes.

9. After the mixture was very milky, I placed some Flour Sack cloth on a mason jar, and drained the milk out. 

10. I used a spoon to lightly press all the liquid from the pulp.

11. I repeated this until the jar was full and I ran out of coconut. I also used a clean piece of sack cloth to strain debris out of the coconut water. 

Two coconuts produced approx. 2 quarts of coconut milk, and 10 oz of coconut water with 3 cups of leftover pulp. All of these will be used in our coconut soap, Linked above. This is also a great & economically friendly way to make coconut milk for cooking.


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How important are All Natural and/or Organic ingredients to you?


How important are All Natural and/or Organic Ingredients to you?