Thursday, November 19, 2015

#TBT Infused Bath & Body - Our Journey!

I decided to jump on the #TBT train and take ride down memory lane. Back in 2007, I was tinkering with Soy Wax, and candle making. When it turned out to be a lot of fun, I decided to sell my products. I quickly went from Container Candles, to tarts, votives, tealights and eventually room sprays. About six months later, I was diving head first into the world of Soap making.

After reflecting on my products, and comparing them to the quality of others making similar products in the industry, I was inspired to make some changes. My Logo and matching labels were some of my first changes. I found an awesome Graphics Designer who helped make me take my packaging to the next level. I also hired a professional photographer to help capture my products in their full potential.

Both of these improvements came at a cost. A cost that having such a small business is hard to take on. But because of the investment I made in improvements to the presentation of my products, sales started to grow.

After some time, I decided a few more changes were necessary. Wix & Whacks was an awesome start into the Bath & Body scene. I took it very seriously when others questioned why I kept going. I felt that the name I was using, did not represent the full potential of all I had learned, and was bringing out in my product line. So I changed my name. 

We are now Infused Bath & Body. I am currently working on Brand New Labels and a whole new look for the new change. I feel as the more I experience in my business adventures, the more I end up changing throughout the years. Our new logo & name represents my products much better.

In all of my Bath & Body products, there will be 1 ingredient (mainly Olive Oil) that has been infused with a blend of 4 herbs. These herbs are Plantain, Calendula, Chamomile, & Lavender. This is where Infused Bath & Body gets the name. Our candle line is infused with high quality fragrances.

I have also taken the time to learn much about Photography throughout the years. I have come so far from my blurry, uninteresting photos from my first attempts at representing my products. Now they are clear, modern, and interesting! 

I will continue to improve on every aspect I possibly can during my business adventures and seek the expertise of others if my efforts fall short of being awesome. 

We have many new improvements coming to our new line! So stay tuned for Forward Friday!!

I love hearing stories from others who have gone on such a journey. Please post a link, to your Journey so we can all see how far you have come!

*all Photos are property of Infused Bath & Body and fall under the Copyright act

Monday, November 2, 2015

Tutorial Tuesday

Tuesday's are such a great day to get new ideas and experiment. 

I have a great tutorial that shows how I make my own Coconut Milk & water for our awesome Coconut Soap, available HERE 

How to extract coconut water & coconut milk at home:

1. Go buy some coconuts. I bought 2 coconuts at a local grocery store.
2. Use a household drill to drill 2 holes into the ends of the coconut. This will allow for easy flow of the water inside. After drilling place on a container to let the water drain.

3. Once all of the water has been drained, set the water aside, and get a hammer. This is the fun part!

4. Carefully break the coconut open with the hammer. My first one cracked so nicely I was able to peel the shell right off. 

5. If your shell breaks with the flesh still attached, use a strong knife or other strong object to pry the fruit from the shell.

6. I used a potato peeler to clean up the edges of the coconut so no bits of the outer shell remained. I then put all the peices into my food processor. Next time, I will use a blender. 

7. I processed until all the pulp was evening chopped. I had to do this twice.

8. I then added the chopped pulp back to the processor and added  hot (not boiling) water and processed again for a few minutes.

9. After the mixture was very milky, I placed some Flour Sack cloth on a mason jar, and drained the milk out. 

10. I used a spoon to lightly press all the liquid from the pulp.

11. I repeated this until the jar was full and I ran out of coconut. I also used a clean piece of sack cloth to strain debris out of the coconut water. 

Two coconuts produced approx. 2 quarts of coconut milk, and 10 oz of coconut water with 3 cups of leftover pulp. All of these will be used in our coconut soap, Linked above. This is also a great & economically friendly way to make coconut milk for cooking.


How important are All Natural and/or Organic ingredients to you?


How important are All Natural and/or Organic Ingredients to you?