Sunday, February 3, 2013

Perfect Impressions!

As a soapmaker of many years, I have constantly thought about the idea of branding my soap with my logo. I never really made the jump because of how costly I have found it to get a custom soap stamp. Alot of the ones I have researched cost anywhere from $80-$100 per stamp. So I just gave up on the idea.

Recently, as I was browsing through all of the awesome shops on Etsy, I finally found an affordable custom soap stamp. And the owner of the shop, HersMolds, helped me by making my logo perfect for the soap stamp. It needed to be retouched a bit just because of the sponginess of my Logo Font. It needed clear edges. Great customer service!

I was very excited once my soap stamps came, I could hardly wait to use them! Here are the results!

If you are a soapmaker, and would like to get a great custom soap stamp, for a great price just click   HERE

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How important are All Natural and/or Organic ingredients to you?


How important are All Natural and/or Organic Ingredients to you?